2017 Senior Rugby Prizegiving

2017 Senior Rugby Prize Giving Recipients


Forward of the year:      Shem Setu

Back of the year:           Jayson Potroz

Player of the year:        Jayson Potroz

Division 1:

Forward of the year:      Simon Holdt

Back of the year:            Brook Gray

Player of the year:         Mitch Smith

Division 2:

Forward of the year:      Brad Fale

Back of the year:            Lagen Kumeroa

Player of the year:         David de Villiers


Forward of the year:       Luke Fisher

Back of the year:            Tyler Feakins

Player of the year:         Connor McCabe

Club Awards:

Clem Webster Trophy for Highest Team average points:   Division 2 

Jefferies Trophy for Most Improved Team:                               Colts

Peter Jones Cup for most tries by an individual:                   Jayson Potroz

Rylock Cup for Most Individual Points:                                     Jayson Potroz

Thomson Medal : Awarded for outstanding contribution to their team and/or Tukapa Club:  Rex Manley

Len Earby Trophy – Tukapa Player of the Year:                     Jason Potroz

Lifetime Service Award:                                                                 Rangi Komene