Chooks News 21 June 2024

Chairpersons Update

This week I will hand over to Dan to give us a update with his Club captains report, Tukapa is in a great space and we are heading where we want to go both on the field and off the field. So a massive thank you goes out to everyone that has jumped on my dream and made this happen, the list of people is massive but thank you all.

Club Captains Report:

Well another week of code is done & dusted at the Chookhouse, and it’s getting closer to the end of a season which is feeling like it has only just begun, now the real excitement and hard work comes into play for our squads and I know talking to their coaches/managers/players they are all putting in the hard yards right until the end.

Whilst the weather wasn’t that favourable on Saturday at Sanders Park there were some tough fought battles on the grounds with good solid supporters both sideline, on the deck and inside keeping warm and toasty with a cold ale or two. All our squads need all the support they can get leading into the final weeks so be sure to pull on your supporter’s gear and get to the games or if you can’t make it stop by and see Gav in the bar who will have the Premier live stream going along with cold beer and good yarns

Round 11 will see lots of excitement I am sure with 3 of our men’s teams heading out to Tikorangi to face Clifton along with our Toa hitting the road to face Inglewood at TET Stadium, and we cannot forget our Speights Ultra Senior 3rds who will hold down the fort at Sanders Park when they face Patea.

With so many great volunteers across our club in many different roles who make things tick along, I thought I’d fire some questions at Renee Emett who some of you will know and some of you may not know, so it’s a great chance to shine the spotlight on someone in our club that is doing a great job in her role as NZ Sparky Bs Team Manager, Renee first and foremost is a proud supporter of Tukapa along with supporting her partner Premier front rower Brendon Dent.

Are you enjoying your role as Manager for Tukapa Bs –

“100% definitely, it is definitely challenging and there is more involved to the role than what people imagine. I enjoy giving back to the club and being involved. The team is a great bunch of lads, who are very respectful and welcoming to a female manager”

Why Tukapa & what does Tukapa mean to you –

“Tukapa has been a big part of the last 6 years for me, you could say I didn’t really choose Tukapa it chose me as Brendon was playing here when I met him. I did play netball for a few years before though so the blue and white hoops have always been a draw card for me Tukapa to me is more than just a ‘sports club’ it’s a place that anyone can go and feel like someone has got you. It’s a place and environment that provokes a feeling of great pride to be apart of, creates a sense of fulfilment and happiness”

If you were to play rugby what position would you play & why –

”I feel like I’d be a hooker, I’m short and have a lot of passion”

If you could sum up Tukapa in 3 words what would they be

“Family, Spirit, Respect”

We have many great volunteers in our club that do many things to keep us ticking along and its always great to see everyone pitching in where they feel they need to or just do it for the love of the club, if you are reading this and feel like you want to chip in helping at the club, getting involved on the committee, or just being a general hand come and have a yarn with myself or Scott as we are always on the look out for help any way it comes as many hands make light work, our club as we all know is a family, that’s how we roll

Just on that note and I know that we all know what a huge role Scott plays in the steering of the club and just making shit happen, I wanted to share with you the work that Scott has put in over the last few weeks for the squad after training feeds, we have always had a roster in place for the squads to cook a feed over the season however there’s been a few times the last few weeks where Scott has thrown the roster to the wind and cooked something special for the lads & ladies himself with a few pair of extra helpers,  I know many of them look forward to dinners when they know Scott has cooked a feed.  Whilst we all know Scott as very humble and would give the club his blood which I am dam sure is Blue & White at any time it’s good to shout out to our leader from time to time, many see the big things however there is a heap of things that just happen behind the scenes so from the players, coaches & managers Cheers Scotty.

This Saturday sees our Tukapa Netball ladies are hosting their 90s party so if you are in the mood for a good ole night at the chook house swing by sounds like the netballers have a great night planned.

Well that’s a wrap from me for now as always the club is always there don’t be shy drop by for a cold one a Friday avro with the old fellas, join darts on a Monday night, drop in for a after training feed on a Thursday or just come hang out on game day at the Chook House, where everyone knows your name the beer is always cold.

Forever Blue & White 

Dan J – Club Captain

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs Clifton 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

If you want a say in the TRFU Club rugby set up fill in the below

Please find below the links to our 2024 CMK Club Rugby Season Survey. We would appreciate you taking 2 minutes out of your day to provide us with feedback on the 2024 season. Whether you’re a player, scorer, volunteer, coach or referee we want to hear from you. The more feedback we receive the more insight we get into what you want moving forward. 

Please fill out the survey that most relates to the competition that you followed in 2024. If you feel like you were involved in both the male and female club competitions feel free to fill out both forms. 

Male -

Female -

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 14 June 2024

Chairpersons Update

What is the number one reason you are involved in Rugby? That is the question I put to all players, supporters, and friends of Tukapa. I reckon that 95% of you will answer with "to be with Friends and Family." This is why we base everything we do at Tukapa around Friends and Family.

I quite often get asked why Tukapa has so many teams and is such a good club. The answer has nothing to do with what happens on the field on a Saturday; it is deeper than that. The reason we can field 4 afternoon-grade men's teams is these guys just love to hang out with each other during Tuesday and Thursday practices and on the field on a Saturday. But just as important is they love to hang out in the club rooms with each other as well. It doesn't matter what team they are with or play for; all our players enjoy the club together.

After the Women's Premier game on Saturday, there were a few keyboard warriors on the TRFU page arguing about what the score was in our game. To us and the Toa, we really don’t care what the score was. Our girls are just loving getting out there and learning the game we all love. It brings me that bubbly feeling inside every time I see our Toa help each other out and cheer each other on. Again, these girls are just like the guys; they love each other's company and have also now become a massive part of our club. On Saturday night, the girls decided they would run the cornhole competition and did a great job getting everyone in the club involved. Next time when someone asks me or you why Tukapa wanted a women's team, be sure to look them in the eye and tell them that it's about growing our Tukapa family. There is only one other club in Taranaki that can still run out 5 afternoon-grade teams, and I really think this comes back to the family we have built off the field.

We all know that rugby is in trouble at the moment, and we are losing players left, right, and center. I really think we need to start selling the family life at Tukapa that you are missing out on when you decide not to play rugby.

Our Juniors is one place where we are still running 220 players, and every Saturday the smiles you see on these players faces are awesome. I am lucky enough this year to drop back down to square one and coach one of our Ferdie 1 teams who are mostly 4-year-old players. The thrill these kids get each Saturday pulling on the blue and white hoops and lacing up is what we all need to remember Rugby is all about. It's about the oranges at halftime and the bread & savs at full time. These are the things that make rugby great. If all our teenage players and senior players looked at rugby the same way our 4 & 5-year-olds do, I am sure we can build our senior numbers back up.

We are in trouble with the way our game is going, and if we don’t do something and try new ideas, we will lose our game. Before we know it, each club will only have one team, and we will be playing in a central North Island competition. So let's work hard as a family that loves rugby and turn this around.

Some of you may read this and think, "What does he know?" Well, you are right. It's only my thoughts, and you each have your own opinions, and that's fine.

This Week's Games

Now that I have that off my chest, this week at the Chook House is going to be great. We have Stratford Eltham heading our way for three hard games.

Startford Eltham Div 1’s sit in 4th, their Colts in 1st, and their Prems in 1st equal, so our fellas are really going to have to work as a team to get the jobs done. Be sure to come up to the Chook House to see the action.

Our thirds head to Kaponga to play the 4th placed Kaponga, one ahead of us on the table, and our Toa are on the bus to Okaiawa to have a crack against Coastal Okaiawa women.

After all the games, we will see all teams back at Tukapa for the first-ever round-the-world darts competition, and the teams won't be in number ones with the dress-up theme being the New Zealand hit TV program Westside.

So don’t be a stranger, have a think about the above, and we will see you all here at Sanders Park this Saturday.

TRFU Volunteer of the month , Vicky Mckenzie

When we decided to try and get a woman's team under the Tukapa name there was only one name on my list for manager, I knew straight away Vicky was the person i wanted. Without Vicky I am sure the TOA wouldn’t be what it is today, well done Vicky on all the work you have put in. 💙🤍💙 up the TOA

"TRFU post from Social Media"

Each month the Taranaki Rugby Football Union (TRFU) will be highlighting an amazing volunteer within our region. The aim of this is to focus on the amazing mahi that our volunteers do and provide them with the recognition they deserve. We are so lucky to have such dedicated and supportive volunteers right through our region that go the extra mile every week to ensure memorable experiences, opportunities and rugby is accessible to all.

The TRFU Community Volunteer of the month is Vicky McKenzie. Vicky has devoted countless hours to volunteering and is currently the Tukapa Rugby & Sports Club Toa Manager. Vicky's ensures people feel comfortable and welcomed to the club. A lot of women don't do much for themselves being mums and working full-time, Vicky makes it an experience the ladies love and they couldn't be more grateful for. Ka pai Vicky!

Vicky will receive a $100 New World New Plymouth voucher. A massive thanks to New World New Plymouth for the ongoing support of the Taranaki Community Rugby.

If you have a nomination for the TRFU Community Volunteer of the month then please email a short description as to why this volunteer should be recognised to

Follow the link to view or download this weekends Game Day Program

Livestream Tukapa Premier vs Stratford/Eltham 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

Sponsorship Profile: "Baker Tilly Staples Rodway"

Community drives our sponsorship         

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway are long-time supporters of rugby in the region; from our long-term relationship with the TRFU to our investment in grass roots rugby (both the Ross Brown Tournament, and the Kendra Cocksedge Tournament). It is important to our team that Taranaki kids have the opportunity to play sport – as we all know play and teamwork, winning and losing, falling and getting up again builds resilience and can improve communication skills and develop strong leaders… and we think those skills are really important.

As well as our broader sponsorship values, we are all about providing great accounting and business advisory services, and we’re proud to support Tukapa with Tom O’Connor sitting as the Treasurer on the board and offering his accounting and software knowledge to support the club to make sound financial decisions.

Tom is a bit of a rugby nut (watching rugby that is, he admits he doesn’t have the frame to get on the field). He always leads the Super Rugby sweepstakes and online comps in the office and will always be the first in line if there’s any rugby event tickets on offer.

While we don’t have any staff currently playing for Tukapa there’s been a few social teams in the past, and many Tukapa based social events over the years… most years we have our staff ‘last day Christmas drinks’ up on the deck, we’ve had Santa (on his motorbike) and the Easter bunny turn up for our family day events at the clubrooms, and we’ve used the clubrooms for staff trainings and workshops. Given we’re 105 employees it’s a great space and the Tukapa bar staff always look after us.

Tom enjoys supporting the club in his role as Treasurer and we’re pleased to be able to donate our time and expertise to Tukapa in this way. If your business could use an extra pair of hands or game day strategy to help you win your game (anything from HR to IT, Marketing, Payroll, Audit or Tax advisory), then we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at or call 06 7573155 for a chat with any of our team.

Go the Chooks!

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow it's maybe wet but the beer is cold the game is on in the club House and your friends are here.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 7 June 2024

Chairpersons Update

Not bad results last week. I can't remember the last time we picked up a clean sweep in Rahotu. It was great to see the amount of support down in Rahotu. Even our under-13 team stopped in on their way back from playing in Opunake. 

This week is another big weekend for the club with all teams at home against NPOB, Kaitake, and Clifton. We always love a chance to come up against our across-town rivals from the White House. We have a lot of respect for each other, but we also love to get a win over them. For our senior thirds, it is the first time we have Kaitake visiting us since they came back into the comp, and I know our fellas are really looking forward to going head-to-head with the boys from the river. Our Toa take on the top-of-the-table Clifton Ladies, who are a classy outfit with talent to burn. But our ladies have been putting in the hard work, and the coaches tell me they had the best training ever on Wednesday. Well done, ladies on all the hard work. Let's get a meat pie this week.

Follow the link to view or download this weekends Game Day Program

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs NPOB 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make it to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

Collective First National Day

This week sees our Collective First National day to give thanks for our long-serving sponsorship agreement with them. Shawn and the team will be hosted in the Ford marquee on the dead-ball line by our life members and board members. This relationship goes back 10 years and they are massive supporters of our Junior program and Senior program. The backing they give us in both shirts for our juniors and financial gain to the club is massive. Please ensure we make them feel welcome at our club.

Nathan Lawrence Brings up 50

This week sees Nathan Lawrence bring up 50 caps as Coach of the Premiers. Nathan came to us from Auckland four years ago and has fit into Tukapa really well. Nathan played for Ponies in Auckland and also coached Auckland under-85s. He got to know Jack Kirifi through the Ponies. Jack gave me a heads up that Nathan was looking to move to New Plymouth, so I front-footed it and thought, how do you win over an Aucklander and get him to come to our club? You take them out for a flat white. Nathan also had a meeting with another New Plymouth club, and I guess our coffee was better. Since Nathan has been here, he has coached three years with Beast and now Scott. He is a very detailed coach who is also very good with the IT side of rugby and video. The amount of hours Nathan puts in each week, not just on the field coaching but sitting at his laptop, is second to none. He is also our head player recruitment officer as well. It's great to see Nathan's whole family fitting in well, with all three of his kids playing for Tukapa and his wife Nat has become a great Tukapa wife, letting Nathan spend a lot of time at Tukapa. Thank you for all your volunteer hours at Tukapa, and we hope it is still just the beginning.

Tukapa Corn Hole comp

After the speeches this week, we will have a Tukapa Cornhole comp, so be sure to stay around and take part. See you all Saturday!

Sponsorship Update

This week we take a break from our Sponsorship update, But if you are a sponsor and keen to feature please send me a email

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow it's going to be a cracker day.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 31 May 2024

Chairpersons Update

As the cold weather starts to roll in and the niggles are around, as a club, we are not too bad with player numbers. The players are all working hard at training and putting in the time in the seat to put our club in the best position heading into the last 5 rounds before we hit semi-finals. This week we see our Toa with the bye, and our Division 2 team heading to Hawera to take on Southern. Our Colts, Division 1, and Premiers are all in Rahotu coming up against strong Coastal sides. As always, I am sure the beer will be cold, the clubhouse will be warm, and the code will be outstanding. Be sure to make your way down to Rahotu to cheer our guys on, and on a side note, I am sure Coastal will try their best, but they are not always able to get a live stream out of Rahotu.

Tukapa Pink Breakfast

Last Saturday saw our first-ever pink breakfast with all proceeds donated going to the Pink Ribbon Appeal. We had a great turnout with a lot of families coming up and having breakfast together. Even some of the neighbors from around Sanders Park came along. It was awesome to see the clubhouse packed on a Saturday morning for a great cause. I would like to thank my board for all rolling up their sleeves and making it happen. It's not too late to donate, just follow the link:

Kitchen Clean

As most people are aware, the Tukapa kitchen has become the hub for our club and building our One Club. Our Toa Women's team decided after using our Kitchen when it was their turn to cook on a Thursday that it could do with a spring clean. So on a Tuesday night, they did just that. In all my years at Tukapa, I have never seen our kitchen so clean. The girls worked hard for 4 hours and nothing in the kitchen was left untouched. No one asked them to do this, but they just proved how much our Toa have become part of our family. It is so good to see all our teams treating our clubhouse as home.

Thank you, ladies, you ROCK!

A word from our Premiers Co-Coach Nathan Lawrence

"After a bit of a slow start to the year, the team is building nicely as we head into the next three weeks against the three clubs who beat us in the first round. The boys are working hard to improve week by week as we chase that full 80-minute performance. With some consistency in selection, we are excited to go down to Coastal this weekend. They are a strong team with some young flair in their backline that will challenge us all over the park, so we will require a full performance from our boys.
We have been fortunate this year with a couple of our older players, Corbin and Henry, returning. Their impact on the group has been significant, not only for their experience and numerous caps but also for the mana they bring each week with their performances. Some of our younger players have been stepping up as well. What I have always enjoyed about Tukapa is their willingness to put faith in the younger guys to be in the hot seat. Patrick Howlett, in his second year out of school, has been locking down the scrum all year, and his work around the field is noticeable every week. By the same token, Jack Gilmour, in his first year out of Francis Douglas, has staked a claim to the 13 jersey. Frank Corlett told me last year he was like a young Henry Miles, and I don’t think he is far off the mark. Both boys are doing building apprenticeships and are in the Taranaki Academy, so they have massive workloads but make massive contributions to our premier team.
Thanks for all the support from the club, sponsors, and other teams. We are well aware that any injuries we have can significantly affect our colts and B’s and appreciate the understanding from their management teams, Keegan Boon being the latest to front up after 80 minutes of colts and then sit on our bench. We wish everyone the best over the next five weeks as we all push for finals footy."

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile AOS (Australian Offshore Solutions)
AOS Managing Director Dan Sweetman said "With quite a few local Kiwis employed over both the vessels, AOS were only too happy to re-invest back into the local community."

John Spurway heads the New Zealand AOS office having had many years in the offshore manning industry in another life. He’s a true blue Chook, bleeding blue & white and has been involved with Tukapa for many years.

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Sponsorship Profile: AOS

AOS (Australian Offshore Solutions) is a specialist marine and offshore service provider delivering a range of services from vessel chartering and ship management to the provision of drilling, marine manning and onboard catering services. AOS Head Office is based in Perth with the New Zealand office operating out of New Plymouth.

AOS provided crewing and catering to the Q7000 for Helix Energy Solutions for their campaign in New Zealand and Australia. The Q7000 is a DP3 semi-submersible Well Intervention Unit, with capacity for deep water through-riser well intervention and decommissioning. She was contracted to MBIE for the decommissioning of the Tui field off the Taranaki coast.

AOS commenced providing New Zealand marine & catering personnel on the Q7000 from February 2023 in Malaysia. The vessel arrived in New Zealand in mid May, finally sailing in November 2023 for Australia where she continues to work for a number of clients until later this year.

In early February, the 117m construction support vessel the Sapura Constructor arrived in New Zealand to complete the final stage of the Tui decommissioning. AOS again provided both marine and catering personnel for the short campaign.

John can be contacted at:

Phone: +64 274 438 405

It's always a great day out down at Coastal so we would love to see as many of you as possible supporting our teams as a club. Naturally there are those who can't make it, but rest assured the Chook House will be warm and the beer cold, so tomorrow it's going to be a cracker day.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 24 May 2024

Chairpersons Update

Over the next three weeks, we have three games in all grades where we'll be aiming for the win. This week, our Premier Men & Women, Colts, and Division 1 teams head to Hicks Park in Hawera to play against Southern, while our Division 2 Boys face a tough challenge against a red-hot Bell Block at Hickford Park. Club-wide, we're looking good with numbers and should have enough bench support for all starting 15s. It's these finishers that make Tukapa what it is. The depth of talent we have on our benches is second to none and gives us that extra edge to get the job done. For example, a couple of weeks ago against Spotswood United in the Men's Premier game, the score was tied 15-15 at halftime. They made a substitution at hooker with a player who had just completed 80 minutes for their Division 1 team, likely earning player of the day. In response, we brought on a fresh Scott Mellow and Liam Bernet to inject energy into our front row. This depth and strategy are what gets a team over the line. Even with rolling subs in other games, fresh legs make a difference in all grades. Keep up the hard work players, and keep supporting each other.

Tukapa Prenier Team 25 May 2024
Glasscraft Tukapa Toa Premier Women 25 May 2024
Tukapa Div 1 Team 25 May 2024
Tukapa Colts Team 25 May 2024
Tukapa Div 2 Team 25 May 2024
Taranaki Club Rugby Rd 7 Tukapa schedule

Follow the link to view or download this weekend's Game Day Program

Last Week’s Ladies Day

Last week, the first ladies' day at home, saw a huge turnout with 75 ladies joining us in our tent, with most staying on for the fantastic band that played that night - one of the best we've had! A big thank you goes out to Russell from Ford for providing the tents, and to Brent Taylor from NZ Tattoo Festival for supplying the beer hall tables and chairs. Special thanks to Breanna, Kayla, and Kelsey for stepping in and running the day. Our goal is to make this day even bigger and better. If you have any ideas, please reach out to the Tukapa board, who did a fantastic job making this happen.

Get on the Tukapa Bus to Hawera This Saturday

This Saturday, we'll be running three player buses and one supporter bus to Hawera. Colin Shotter from Transit had difficulty finding a driver for the Supporters Bus, but thankfully, Kevin Doherty, affectionately known as DOG, volunteered to take our supporters to Hawera at his own expense.

This is a fantastic gesture from someone who's been a part of Tukapa for longer than most of us can remember. Many may not know but Kevin is also a valuable member of our Home Game Live Stream team, he's the man who collates all the game stats and delivers them to the screen. So when you see the refs call, territory, possession or the number of phases pop up on your screen, call out loud "Thanks Doggy".

Now to all our loyal supporters who always come to home games, let's make an effort to join this trip to Hawera. DOG has gone out of his way to make this happen, and now it's up to us to fill the bus. At Tukapa, we step up and get the job done, just like DOG. Cheers, mate.

Details for the Tukapa Bus:

  • Departure: Tukapa Clubrooms at 11:30 am, heading straight to Hicks Park.
  • Return: After the Men's Premier game, around 4:30 pm, straight back to Tukapa.
  • Cost: $5 per person.

There is limited seating so make sure you book to avoid missing out. Click on the button below to book a seat or two.

Tukapa Pink Breakfast 25 May 2024

Tukapa Pink Breakfast

Once again, at Tukapa, we're always here to support our families. The idea for this breakfast came to me because of a family that I work closely with, who are now going through breast cancer treatment. It made me think about how many families at Tukapa have likely been affected by breast cancer. Each of our players has a mother and a partner, and we also have our women's team. So, as Tukapa, I wanted to do something to help, and the best way I know how is to spark up our Tukapa kitchen and put on a breakfast. I need all of you to support this and come up to Tukapa to have breakfast with us. We'll be ready to serve from 7 am to 10 am. It's a buffet-style breakfast that will run through the morning. We're also lucky to have our coffee machine running from 7 am, so you can grab a coffee as well. Additionally, we're running a raffle with over $1000 worth of prizes, including a couple of bar tabs. See you all on Saturday!

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile Gallagher Insurance
Aaron Hickson, Gallagher Branch Manager Taranaki says, “We are very keen to help develop the sport of rugby in New Zealand, particularly at the grassroots level, and value our community connection through the Tukapa club. It’s great to have seen the club grow over the years and we’re honoured to be a part of their journey.”

Aaron Hickson - Gallagher
Aaron Hickson

At Gallagher Insurance, previously known as Crombie Lockwood, we’ve been helping New Zealanders with their insurance needs for over 45 years. As well as protecting people and businesses, we are passionate about supporting initiatives that are important to Kiwis, including our country’s beloved sport of rugby.
We are excited about our new partnership with the New Zealand Provincial Rugby Union Group, which establishes a multi-year collaboration with the 14 major provincial rugby unions. Rugby plays a significant role in building communities and the provincial unions are essential in introducing new players to rugby and fostering their lifelong involvement with our national sport.

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Gallagher formally crombie lockwood

Sponsorship Profile: Gallagher Insurance

Face your future with confidence

Gallagher is one of the leading insurance broking companies in New Zealand with offices around the country. Our brokers combine regional understanding with the resources and backing of our global organisation. With specialist expertise and in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, our Gallagher brokers can arrange the right type of insurance for your needs and budget.
For more information contact your Gallagher broker in Taranaki.
06 769 8100 | |

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow for breakfast and then get on the bus, it's going to be a cracker day.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 17 May 2024

Club Captain's Update

With Scotty away a lot this week over in Kinloch, expanding the Lifestyle Building empire, I’m giving him a hand and offering to write a newsletter report so that he can have a small break from what is always living and breathing Tukapa, but don’t panic Scotty will be back with his solid words of passion and wisdom for the club, but for now you’ll need to listen to ole 2 can ramble on.

Coming off a solid week of performances across the road for Dan O’Brien Day from our NZ Sparky Bs and our Hire It Hire Premiers along with a big road trip from our Speights Ultra Senior 3rds, it will be great to have 4 Tukapa teams playing at Sanders Park on what will be a huge day for our club. Our teams will be pulling on the Blue and White and hitting the pitch with passion and mana for Tukapa Ladies Day and Tukapa Sponsors Day, Scotty tells me he has over 60 ladies who have responded to the invite to Ladies Day so it will be great to have them on the side-lines showing their support to the 4 Tukapa teams, alongside this we will have many of our sponsors in the club so if you come across one shout them a beer and say thanks for supporting our club.

Tukapa Toa

Unfortunately our Tukapa Toa have had Inglewood having to default so they will have a rest this weekend but I am sure they will be on fire at ladies day,  I have had the opportunity the last few weeks to be side-line & watch our women play and whilst the scoreboard hasn’t reflected it I can tell you the passion & fun that our women’s team bring each week is infectious and they have embraced the number one rule to playing this great game and that’s go out & have some fun, I am sure that Plimms, Jase & Vicky will have our ladies primed and ready for action in their next game vs Southern and they will continue to grow from week to week. Be sure to say gidday to our Toa ladies they are a great bunch of ladies and already have become part of our club in many ways .

Tukapa Junior Rugby

To finish off I just wanted to mention our Tukapa Juniors, its great to see so many boys and girls getting into our game and playing in the Blue and White, a big shout out to Daryn Jones and his parent helpers who continue to make Tukapa Junior Rugby a solid platform for our young ones to start their playing days just like Lagen did all those years ago, I am sure in years to come others will be writing things like this about our future Tukapa Men and Women.

This Weeks Teams

Follow the link to view or download this weekends Game Day Program

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs Inglewood 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make it to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

Lagen Kumeroa 150th Game for Tukapa Premiers

This weekend sees a solid Tukapa man take to the field and play a milestone Premier game for our club, Lagen Kumeroa runs out for his 150th game for Tukapa Premiers, coming from NPBHS after playing 3 years in their 1st XV, Lagen started at Tukapa in the Premiers in 2008 with a stint in Wellington returning to Tukapa in 2015.
Lagen has been a starter since then and quite often seen finishing tries from the wing, tomorrow for his 150TH he will run out in the full-back 15 jersey.

Nicknamed Koro his background with Tukapa is vast, first started playing for Tukapa in 1998 and Lagen says “I’ve probably been ball boy for more games for Premiers than I have played for them, at away games they had turf wars where we had scraps with our club ball boys from other clubs, Paul Meuli was my first coach at Tukapa and I can’t think of a better club to be a part of.

Lagen has won 4 Premier titles with Tukapa and is hoping for another one this year, as I reflect on my time knowing Lagen he has always been a staunch Tukapa man and is very proud of his heritage and rugby prowess and brings so much into the sheds and club every week. I know that Scotty is humbled to have been part of your journey Koro as am I, and we know that the rest of our great club will be behind you on Saturday when you take to the field and join an elite few that have played so many Premier games.

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile NZ Forestry
Director Cam Eyre joined Tukapa after retiring from playing for Northland and moving here in 2014. He has coached Tukapa U85s, Div 1 & Div 2. Cam also played a few fill-in games when the team needed help.
Cam has a nephew in the under 7s & enjoys watching the afternoon games from the Deck.
NZ Forestry is a professional forest management company providing professional forest management and consulting services throughout New Zealand. Director Cam Eyre runs the western North Island operations from our New Plymouth office. We have strong local ties to the Taranaki Community, with many of our contracted Logging, Cartage, establishment & earthworks contractors embedded in the local community.

NZF is the social sponsor for the club. We provide sponsorship for food and music so the club can innovate and continue to create a positive social environment. "People, not the game are the most important thing for us. If you have a forest or are interested in forest investments get in touch with us."

Phone: (027) 526 0606

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Sponsorship Profile: NZ Forestry

NZ Forestry stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of specialized forest management. With a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled professionalism, personalized service, and meticulous attention to detail, NZ Forestry ensures that each client receives bespoke solutions tailored to their unique needs.
At the heart of NZ Forestry's operations lies a team of seasoned specialists equipped with the expertise to advise on every facet of forest management, from establishment to harvesting and marketing. With regional offices strategically positioned in Whangarei, New Plymouth, and Blenheim, NZ Forestry extends its professional services with localized expertise, ensuring a seamless experience for clients across diverse geographical regions.

Harvesting, Sales, and Marketing Expertise

Recognizing the individuality of each forest, NZ Forestry crafts customized harvesting and marketing strategies that align with the specific requirements of clients. Through meticulous planning and transparent communication, NZ Forestry ensures that client expectations are not only met but exceeded. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of services, including environmental compliance, engineering solutions, and active harvest management, NZ Forestry safeguards client interests while maximizing returns on forestry investments.
In addition to domestic and export log sales, NZ Forestry facilitates carbon forestry initiatives, capitalizing on opportunities within the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). By navigating the complexities of the ETS landscape, NZ Forestry assists clients in harnessing carbon credits to generate additional revenue streams or achieve carbon-neutral status, thereby enhancing the profitability and sustainability of forestry investments.

Carbon Forestry Solutions

NZ Forestry's carbon forestry services encompass a spectrum of offerings, including forest land classification, ETS registration, emissions returns, carbon planting evaluations, and carbon credit transactions. By guiding clients through the intricacies of ETS regulations and facilitating seamless compliance, NZ Forestry empowers forest owners and investors to capitalize on emerging carbon markets effectively.

Forest Engineering Excellence

Through meticulous planning, professional implementation, and astute risk management, NZ Forestry's forest engineering services mitigate liabilities and optimize returns on forest engineering investments. From harvest planning to technical analysis and road engineering, NZ Forestry's experienced team delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to maximize profitability and minimize risk for clients.

Professional Forest Management

NZ Forestry's commitment to professional forest management extends beyond operational excellence to encompass wildlife habitat preservation, species protection, and conservation initiatives. With a focus on nurturing the best tree crop possible, NZ Forestry's meticulous management strategies safeguard client investments while promoting environmental sustainability.

With a steadfast dedication to professionalism, personalized service, and environmental stewardship, NZ Forestry emerges as a trusted partner in forest management and carbon solutions. Whether navigating the complexities of forest harvesting, maximizing returns through carbon forestry, or optimizing operational efficiency through expert engineering and management, NZ Forestry remains at the forefront of delivering superior outcomes for clients nationwide.

This Weekend's Entertainment

Well that’s enough from me, be sure to get to the club for what will be an amazing day and if you feel like a boogie and a few beers into the wee hours Taranaki band “Dude Where’s My Guitar will be rocking the Chook House until it’s home time to recover from a big weekend at the best club in Taranaki

Bleeding Blue and White Always
Dan J – Club Captain

Chooks News 10 May 2024

Chairpersons Update

A Thursday in the Life of Tukapa

Thursday afternoon is where our weekend starts. This week we are away to Spotswood United and Patea, with our Colts and Toa on the Bye, and it's our first weekend of Junior rugby.

I am at the club and have taken out the premade Chicken Bacon Fettuccine pasta for the team's feed. Now it's time to get the fry bread started for the feed. I start in the kitchen and hear the door open. Darryn Jones, our junior convener, has come up to mark out the smaller fields and put his info board together for the 220 kids who will be playing on Saturday morning. We have the savs and bread ordered. Next through the front door are Bryan Edlin and Kyle, who are here for the 2pm delivery to stock up the chiller with refreshments from Liquorland, Fitzroy, and Lion Brewery's. This is all hand-unloaded in the chiller. Delivery done, and Bryan and I catch up on a couple of new drinks that we will be stocking for ladies' day next week.

Next through the door is Gav, coming up to balance the tills and move the till to Ash's for tonight's opening. Also, while here, he stocks the top fridge with soft drinks and Lion Brown cans. While this is going on, in between jobs, the fry bread is now resting on the bench for its second raise. Next through the door is our superwoman, Carol Reid, dropping back all the washed tea towels and doing a bit of cleaning wherever needed. From here, Paul Hansen, our caterer, calls in to make sure the kitchen is all good for use today and that he is stocked up for Saturday.

It's now getting closer to 4pm, and Darryn Jones is back to give out a few jerseys to late-registering juniors, and I am setting up for our first two trainings of the night, being our Year 1 yellow and white teams. It is blowing a gale outside, but the show must go on. We get our training underway, which involves Nathan Lawrence's kids, and Simon Holdt is one of the coaches. They are now at the club from Thursday through to about 8pm tonight. Next through the door is JDL, our board member, Premier manager, and B's front-rower. He's here early to make sure everything is in line before running out to train with the B's.

While this is all going on, there are now about 10 junior teams out on the field training. Next through the door comes Bryan Bolton, here to help in the kitchen with the cooking, closely followed by Daniel Green to do the same. There is time for a quick beer and chat about who's playing for what team, and Reece Hannam joins the chat and beer. We are short of thirds to get on the bus to Patea, Zinny and Jarrod from the Colts join the chat because the Colt's have a bye, and we are looking for some Colts to join our thirds.

It's now 6.45 pm, and Vicky, our women's manager, is next through the door to help in the kitchen and serve our meals. The pasta is running behind time. Oh well. Next up is a dozen of our Toa players who have come up to join in on the team feeds. Now it's time to man the bar, and we have a line going all the way down the stairs of players coming off the field and keen to buy their $5 meal and a can to wash it down. 7.10pm and the pasta is ready. Our kitchen team dishes up 70 meals and then cleans the kitchen. All the players mix and mingle and catch up with each other. There's a game of darts going on with Drav and Hapuka, and myself, JDL, and Liam Bernet have a catch up about Ladies' day next Saturday to make sure everything is sorted, also the planning of our Tukapa Netball rugby do in the weeks to come. It's now 9 pm, as the last players leave, I check all the doors, turn the lights off, and that's another Thursday at the Chook House done, and all the planning in place for another great Saturday of rugby.

This Weeks Games

Be sure to get along to Yarrow Stadium and watch our Premiers and Div 1 boys try and retain the Dan O'Brien shield. They are charging at the gate so show them your pass. If you don’t have a pass, get up to the Clubrooms tonight between 3pm and 6.30pm and join as a social member. The only gate open tomorrow is the gate off the Spotswood Club rooms car park.

Social Member Sign Up

All memberships may include a partner for an extra $10 per annum which will entitle them to a member’s card and season passes.

Signup button below:

The Dan O'Brien

If you haven't seen The Dan O'Brien Shield Story, take a look at it here.

Nathaniel Peters 50th Game

Nathaniel Peters plays his 50th game this Saturday, Nathaniel came to us from Francis Douglas and was a wirey loose forward, since his first season with Tukapa and learning off the likes of Mitch Crosswell and Adrian Wyrill he has become the new enforcer of the Tukapa pack.  His hard hitting defence and hard running ball handling has put him as one of the first names written down each week in the starting pack. He can play lock but is most at home as a loose forward. This year we hope so see him also running around as a Taranaki Bulls player.  Being the standout loose forward of Taranaki Club rugby I am sure that Barnsey will be watching Nat closely. Well done on the 50 games for the chooks mate, I am sure the rewards will come from all the hard work you put in.

We Are Tukapa

Check out this video - a reminder of who we are as a club.

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile Trident Electronics.
Like many of our dedicated sponsors, owner Dave McLay has supported our club for many years. Dave started coaching in the Junior grades when his son was old enough to start playing rugby and in 2012 Dave moved over to co-coaching the Colts with Warren Johns and Murray Sattler and continued to co-coach with Murray Sattler until the COVID era. During that time, the Colts claimed two Taranaki titles and were runners-up on quite a few occasions.

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Sponsorship Profile: Trident Electronics - 'Where Past Meets Present'

Trident Electronics's ethos revolves around bridging the gap between the past and present. While embracing modern technology and innovation, the company remains grounded in its original passion for serving the community with unparalleled dedication. The team at Trident Electronics understands that one size does not fit all, which is why they strive to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of every client.

Trident Electronics has been a staple in the Taranaki community since its inception in 1974. Founded by the talented Electronics Engineer Howard Reid, the company initially specialized in a myriad of electronics repairs, designs, and servicing. However, it quickly became a market leader in the radio communications sector, providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

Fast forward nearly five decades and Trident Electronics has undergone significant growth and transformation. In 2022, the company was acquired by D.E.S Limited, marking a new era for the business. With a key focus on the communications arena, Trident Electronics emerged in 2023 as a renewed entity dedicated to providing top-notch radio communication solutions to the Greater Taranaki region and the lower North Island.

Trident Electronics takes pride in its rich history and deep-rooted connections within the industry. Leveraging partnerships cultivated over decades, the company offers a comprehensive range of products and services sourced from industry leaders such as Motorola, Kenwood, and GME. Whether it's walkie-talkies for basic communication needs or state-of-the-art digital trunked solutions, Trident Electronics delivers bespoke solutions tailored to each client's requirements.

The core services offered by Trident Electronics encompass sales, service, system design, and integration across various communication domains. The company ensures seamless connectivity even in remote areas, from wireless communication solutions to connected dispatch systems. Trident Electronics has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and industries across Taranaki with a focus on reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Beyond radio communication, Trident Electronics continues to offer a wide range of services, including appliance repairs, video projector installations, mobility equipment repairs, fitness equipment servicing, and more. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to quality, Trident Electronics remains at the forefront of electronic repairs and servicing in the region.

In addition to its extensive service offerings, Trident Electronics serves as a one-stop shop for radio equipment sales and installation. From standard vertex radios to advanced Motorola and Kenwood systems, the company caters to diverse communication needs with precision and expertise.
As Trident Electronics embarks on this new chapter, the company remains dedicated to its founding principles of excellence, integrity, and community service. With a legacy spanning nearly five decades, Trident Electronics looks forward to continuing its journey of connecting people and industries through innovative communication solutions.

Phone: 06 758 5259

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow after the game it's going to be a cracker day.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 3 May 2024

Chairpersons Update

Afternoon team, I hope everyone is getting excited about a full house at Tukapa this Saturday. It’s great to have all five of our teams at home and we welcome Clifton, Ōkaiawa and Coastal/Ōkaiawa Women to the Chook House. After some narrow loses last Saturday down in Stratford, we have full teams named for this week’s games.  The teams have been working hard and we will be trying for 4 out of 4 wins for our men’s teams, while our female team is battling sickness and ladies away but will be putting their best 15 out on the paddock with their own goals in mind. These ladies get better and better each week.

Follow the link to view or download this weekends Game Day Program

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs Clifton 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

Upcoming Social Events

We are running a little behind with our social calendar for this year but dates to save are:

4th May                 Beer Pong Tournament

18th May               Sponsors Day and Ladies day

8th June                First National Day

15th June              Round the world darts Tournament

22nd June             Netball Party

Be sure to make an effort to come along to your club whenever you can and support the teams.  Our bar is open every week and, even on away games, the bar is open with the live stream on the TV’s.

Thursday             5-8pm

Friday                   3.30 – 6.30pm

Saturday             12pm to late  

Tukapa Darts Club

The Darts Club has been in full force for the last 10 weeks with Luke Dravitzki taking the win on Monday night.  Each week we have had over 30 players from all corners of the world, not just Tukapa rugby followers.  We now take a 4 week break and then we will start back with Business House Darts so start getting your teams sorted.

Tukapa Beer Pong Tournament

Be sure to stick around on Saturday night and watch or play the 1st ever Tukapa Beer Pong Tournament starting at 6pm. I will see you there!

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile Glasscraft Glass & Aluminium.
Owners Greg and Kara Plimmer have supported the club for many years.

Greg played back in the 90's and will be remembered by many in that 1997 Tukapa Premier Team Coached by Jack Kirifi

Greg's playing stats show he played 84 games for Tukapa Prems, 18 games for Tawa Prems,
115 games for West Scarborough Prems (WA) and two games for the Western Force.(WA)

In the early 2000's Greg and Kara moved to Western Australia but returned to New Plymouth in 2015 and set up Glasscraft Glass & Aluminium but carried on coaching for his beloved Tukapa and is currently co-coach of the Tukapa Premier Women.

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Sponsorship Profile: Glasscraft Glass & Aluminium

Glasscraft Ltd, a locally owned and operated glass,glazing and aluminium company in Taranaki, has been providing exceptional services for over two decades. Established in 2015 to serve the Taranaki area after successful operations in Australia, Glasscraft has garnered a solid reputation for excellence in aluminum and glass craftsmanship. With a team of dedicated professionals boasting extensive industry experience, Glasscraft has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the glazing industry.
The range of glazing services offered by Glasscraft is comprehensive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of residential and commercial clients. From design consultation to installation and after-sales maintenance, Glasscraft ensures a seamless and satisfying experience for every customer. Their services include:

Balustrades: Glasscraft specializes in aluminum and glass balustrades, offering various designs including Clearview Semi-frameless, Pureview Channel glass, Pureview Discglass, Clearspan Classic, Pureview spigot, Open Vertical Fin, Vertical Fin, Clearspan Settler, and Clearspan Heritage. These balustrades not only enhance safety but also add aesthetic appeal to any space.

Mirrors: Glasscraft provides top-quality mirrors for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Whether it's Polished Edge Mirrors for a modern look or Bevelled-Edge Mirrors for a classic touch, Glasscraft ensures a perfect fit and finish.

Shower Screens: Offering luxury custom-made glass shower screens, Glasscraft ensures a professional installation tailored to individual bathroom requirements. Their expertise in accommodating various architectural nuances results in a neat and polished finish for every project.

Double Glazing & Retrofit: Glasscraft specializes in retrofitting existing joinery with double glazed units, providing enhanced insulation, reduced condensation, and improved energy efficiency. Their comprehensive range of double glazing options, including Low E glass technology, caters to diverse needs and preferences.

Splashbacks: Glasscraft offers a wide range of options for glass splashbacks, including colors, prints, textures, and mirror finishes. Their custom-cut glass splashbacks add vibrancy, color, and light to any space, with meticulous attention to detail in measurement and installation.

Glasscraft's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets them apart as the premier choice for glass and glazing services in Taranaki. Whether it's a residential renovation or a commercial project, clients can rely on Glasscraft for expert craftsmanship and superior results. Contact Glasscraft today to experience the difference in glass, glazing and aluminium excellence.

Phone: 06-757 9768

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow it's going to be a cracker day.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 26 Apr 2024

Chairpersons Update

Well it’s never great when we have to default a team, but this week sees us having to default our NZ Sparky Div 1’s due to having 44 players away or injured from our senior teams. Even our other teams are looking skinny, some of our Div 1 fellas will be helping out where they can to fill gaps. This week I am also away and are sitting at a BBQ competition in Matakana . I must admit the view is outstanding but I will still miss watching live club rugby this weekend.

This Weeks Games

For any players that are reading this newsletter and are away, be sure to turn up at Training on Tuesday and put your best foot forward. We all know our game is in trouble and we need to work hard to make an effort and keep Tukapa with 5 senior teams.

Hopefully we get to see some running rugby this weekend with some dry tracks, but as I look at the weather forecast this may not happen.

Anyway sorry about the short newsletter this week, I have to start prepping for the weekend of competition. Good luck to all players and I will be watching the score updates closely.

Supporters Bus

If any supporters want to hop on a bus to Stratford you are more than welcome $5

Bus time table 

Snr 3rds /Colts 

Leave Tukapa club 11.15am

Leave Stratford 7pm


Leave Tukapa club 12.15pm

Leave Stratford 8pm

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet

Chooks News 19 April 2024

Chairpersons Update

Well what a weekend Old Timers Day was, with the day starting with a great speech by Scott Fuglistaller  on how he has got to where he is today. I was told by a lot of people afterwards how much they enjoyed it. This led us to the rugby which was not on our side, we only picked up the one win to our NZ Sparky Div 1 fellas in the last play of the game. The results didn’t go our way but we always enjoy going head to head with our mates from down the coast.

Following this we presented Luke Taplin with his 50th blazer which now sees him with over 100 Premier games with him also playing over 50 for Southern.

Luke Taplin 50 Games

After numerous years of Tukapa and college boys pestering Tappy about coming to play for the chooks, Tappy finally decided to ditch Southern and move up to the big smoke in 2020.

In his inaugural season at Tukapa, Tappy's relentless work ethic and lightning-fast pace made the right wing his domain. His superior speed made him stand out from the rest.

Shit, sorry, that must have been ChatGPT

Nah, I think Sean Wainui nailed it best when he described Tappy as "the hearty white winger".

He happily slipped into the Tukapa culture, and in his first Premier season, he won the Premier club rugby title, starting on the wing against Inglewood.

I still remember him coming up to me after the game saying, "shit, that was easy. I should’ve come to the Chooks earlier."

Since his time at Tukapa, he has also received some other accolades:

  • He claimed his second Premier Title in 2022, beating NPOB in the Semi. Sorry Fay and the Ford family. And going on to beat Clifton in the final.
  • He was also influential in the U85 Tukapa Bantams, getting second place in the New Zealand knockout competition.
  • He has been a massive advocate of Ash's Bar, where he's always the last to leave on a Thursday night with Lukey Drav and Scotty Mellow in toe. Classic farmers.

A massive thank you from the entire Tukapa community goes to Lesh, P, and the boys for letting Tukapa have such a great club man.

Over the years, Tappy has been an excellent club man on and off the paddock. As mentioned earlier, Tappy has already ticked up 50 games for Southern, meaning he has now played 100 premier club rugby games - a massive achievement.

Crab Racing Winner

From here we moved to the crab racing with a massive buy in by both Tukapa and Coastal players. We thank Dan Cowley for stepping in and auctioning off the crabs for us.

Tukapa Toa

This Friday we have our last preseason game for our Tukapa Toa team against Inglewood Women at Sanders Park with kick off at 6.30pm. Bar open for the game from 3.30pm. The girls are really working hard and, for a lot of them, are still learning the game. It was also great to see our Ladies adopting the Tukapa family and hanging around for crab racing and coming up for a Thursday feed.

Your Starting Toa team

This Weekend's Games

Our men’s Premier team didn’t get the start we all hoped for, but I know they have put some hard work in during the week to make sure they put their best foot forward against a very tough Old Boys team.  Be sure to get over to the Whitehouse to watch our Div 1, Colts and Men’s premiers do battle with whitehouse boys.

Game Day Images

As most of you know you will see me around the grounds with my camera. If you want to check these photos out be sure to have a look at

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Every year Tukapa looks at ways we can give back to our community and this year we are going to cook breakfast to raise money for breast cancer awareness. We all know someone that has been affected, or you have been affected, so please help Tukapa help these people. Save the date for our breakfast. You can also donate by clicking here.

We are also on the hunt for items we can add to our raffle - so if you can help out, let Scotty know.

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile Lifestyle Building & Construction.

Lifestyle Building is a local construction company, founded just over 15 years ago by Tukapa Chairman Scott Siffleet (a builder with almost 25 years under his belt), who without question, lives, breathes and bleeds Tukapa blue and white.

He and the extended Siffleet family have a long history of playing for, coaching, managing, sponsoring, and supporting Tukapa, and are set to continue for years to come with the next generation moving their way up through the junior grades.

Scott and the Lifestyle Building team can often be found working on various jobs around the club, helping maintain the great facilities we have available and keeping projects moving, allowing players and coaches etc. to focus on their game. They have also been known to employ a Tukapa player or two.

Check out the profile below or visit their website:

Sponsorship Profile: Lifestyle Building & Construction

If ever there was a company dedicated to supporting Tukapa Rugby Club and its family community daily, Lifestyle Building & Construction is it.

Lifestyle Building & Construction specialize in ‘Lifestyle Homes’ – unique builds designed for the people and families living in them.

But this is only one aspect of building that this award-winning highly experienced team undertake.

  • Residential       
    • New Builds
    • In-house Design and Build
    • Renovations and Alterations
    • Home Extensions
    • Bathroom & Kitchen installations
  • Commercial & Industrial
    • Fitouts
    • New Builds
  • Pre-Cast Panel specialists

They work with a skilled and trusted network of local sub-contractors where required, many of whom are sponsors or associated with Tukapa also.

With attention to detail, experience in complex designs, various materials and challenging sites, their quality workmanship will achieve impeccable results for any project, along with a 10-year Master Builder Guarantee.

Feel free to give Scott a call to discuss your next building project.

Well that’s enough from me for this week. Be sure to come up to Tukapa for a beer and watch our Womens team at 6.30pm Friday night then over to NPOB on Saturday, See you there.

Blue and White for Life
Scotty Siffleet



Gladstone Road
New Plymouth, 4310

P.O Box

PO Box 389
Taranaki Mail Centre
New Plymouth 4340



Scott Siffleet
021 317 331

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