Chooks News 10 May 2024

Chairpersons Update

A Thursday in the Life of Tukapa

Thursday afternoon is where our weekend starts. This week we are away to Spotswood United and Patea, with our Colts and Toa on the Bye, and it's our first weekend of Junior rugby.

I am at the club and have taken out the premade Chicken Bacon Fettuccine pasta for the team's feed. Now it's time to get the fry bread started for the feed. I start in the kitchen and hear the door open. Darryn Jones, our junior convener, has come up to mark out the smaller fields and put his info board together for the 220 kids who will be playing on Saturday morning. We have the savs and bread ordered. Next through the front door are Bryan Edlin and Kyle, who are here for the 2pm delivery to stock up the chiller with refreshments from Liquorland, Fitzroy, and Lion Brewery's. This is all hand-unloaded in the chiller. Delivery done, and Bryan and I catch up on a couple of new drinks that we will be stocking for ladies' day next week.

Next through the door is Gav, coming up to balance the tills and move the till to Ash's for tonight's opening. Also, while here, he stocks the top fridge with soft drinks and Lion Brown cans. While this is going on, in between jobs, the fry bread is now resting on the bench for its second raise. Next through the door is our superwoman, Carol Reid, dropping back all the washed tea towels and doing a bit of cleaning wherever needed. From here, Paul Hansen, our caterer, calls in to make sure the kitchen is all good for use today and that he is stocked up for Saturday.

It's now getting closer to 4pm, and Darryn Jones is back to give out a few jerseys to late-registering juniors, and I am setting up for our first two trainings of the night, being our Year 1 yellow and white teams. It is blowing a gale outside, but the show must go on. We get our training underway, which involves Nathan Lawrence's kids, and Simon Holdt is one of the coaches. They are now at the club from Thursday through to about 8pm tonight. Next through the door is JDL, our board member, Premier manager, and B's front-rower. He's here early to make sure everything is in line before running out to train with the B's.

While this is all going on, there are now about 10 junior teams out on the field training. Next through the door comes Bryan Bolton, here to help in the kitchen with the cooking, closely followed by Daniel Green to do the same. There is time for a quick beer and chat about who's playing for what team, and Reece Hannam joins the chat and beer. We are short of thirds to get on the bus to Patea, Zinny and Jarrod from the Colts join the chat because the Colt's have a bye, and we are looking for some Colts to join our thirds.

It's now 6.45 pm, and Vicky, our women's manager, is next through the door to help in the kitchen and serve our meals. The pasta is running behind time. Oh well. Next up is a dozen of our Toa players who have come up to join in on the team feeds. Now it's time to man the bar, and we have a line going all the way down the stairs of players coming off the field and keen to buy their $5 meal and a can to wash it down. 7.10pm and the pasta is ready. Our kitchen team dishes up 70 meals and then cleans the kitchen. All the players mix and mingle and catch up with each other. There's a game of darts going on with Drav and Hapuka, and myself, JDL, and Liam Bernet have a catch up about Ladies' day next Saturday to make sure everything is sorted, also the planning of our Tukapa Netball rugby do in the weeks to come. It's now 9 pm, as the last players leave, I check all the doors, turn the lights off, and that's another Thursday at the Chook House done, and all the planning in place for another great Saturday of rugby.

This Weeks Games

Be sure to get along to Yarrow Stadium and watch our Premiers and Div 1 boys try and retain the Dan O'Brien shield. They are charging at the gate so show them your pass. If you don’t have a pass, get up to the Clubrooms tonight between 3pm and 6.30pm and join as a social member. The only gate open tomorrow is the gate off the Spotswood Club rooms car park.

Social Member Sign Up

All memberships may include a partner for an extra $10 per annum which will entitle them to a member’s card and season passes.

Signup button below:

The Dan O'Brien

If you haven't seen The Dan O'Brien Shield Story, take a look at it here.

Nathaniel Peters 50th Game

Nathaniel Peters plays his 50th game this Saturday, Nathaniel came to us from Francis Douglas and was a wirey loose forward, since his first season with Tukapa and learning off the likes of Mitch Crosswell and Adrian Wyrill he has become the new enforcer of the Tukapa pack.  His hard hitting defence and hard running ball handling has put him as one of the first names written down each week in the starting pack. He can play lock but is most at home as a loose forward. This year we hope so see him also running around as a Taranaki Bulls player.  Being the standout loose forward of Taranaki Club rugby I am sure that Barnsey will be watching Nat closely. Well done on the 50 games for the chooks mate, I am sure the rewards will come from all the hard work you put in.

We Are Tukapa

Check out this video - a reminder of who we are as a club.

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile Trident Electronics.
Like many of our dedicated sponsors, owner Dave McLay has supported our club for many years. Dave started coaching in the Junior grades when his son was old enough to start playing rugby and in 2012 Dave moved over to co-coaching the Colts with Warren Johns and Murray Sattler and continued to co-coach with Murray Sattler until the COVID era. During that time, the Colts claimed two Taranaki titles and were runners-up on quite a few occasions.

Check out the profile below or visit their website: tridentelectronics.co.nz

Sponsorship Profile: Trident Electronics - 'Where Past Meets Present'

Trident Electronics's ethos revolves around bridging the gap between the past and present. While embracing modern technology and innovation, the company remains grounded in its original passion for serving the community with unparalleled dedication. The team at Trident Electronics understands that one size does not fit all, which is why they strive to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of every client.

Trident Electronics has been a staple in the Taranaki community since its inception in 1974. Founded by the talented Electronics Engineer Howard Reid, the company initially specialized in a myriad of electronics repairs, designs, and servicing. However, it quickly became a market leader in the radio communications sector, providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

Fast forward nearly five decades and Trident Electronics has undergone significant growth and transformation. In 2022, the company was acquired by D.E.S Limited, marking a new era for the business. With a key focus on the communications arena, Trident Electronics emerged in 2023 as a renewed entity dedicated to providing top-notch radio communication solutions to the Greater Taranaki region and the lower North Island.

Trident Electronics takes pride in its rich history and deep-rooted connections within the industry. Leveraging partnerships cultivated over decades, the company offers a comprehensive range of products and services sourced from industry leaders such as Motorola, Kenwood, and GME. Whether it's walkie-talkies for basic communication needs or state-of-the-art digital trunked solutions, Trident Electronics delivers bespoke solutions tailored to each client's requirements.

The core services offered by Trident Electronics encompass sales, service, system design, and integration across various communication domains. The company ensures seamless connectivity even in remote areas, from wireless communication solutions to connected dispatch systems. Trident Electronics has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses and industries across Taranaki with a focus on reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Beyond radio communication, Trident Electronics continues to offer a wide range of services, including appliance repairs, video projector installations, mobility equipment repairs, fitness equipment servicing, and more. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to quality, Trident Electronics remains at the forefront of electronic repairs and servicing in the region.

In addition to its extensive service offerings, Trident Electronics serves as a one-stop shop for radio equipment sales and installation. From standard vertex radios to advanced Motorola and Kenwood systems, the company caters to diverse communication needs with precision and expertise.
As Trident Electronics embarks on this new chapter, the company remains dedicated to its founding principles of excellence, integrity, and community service. With a legacy spanning nearly five decades, Trident Electronics looks forward to continuing its journey of connecting people and industries through innovative communication solutions.

Phone: 06 758 5259
Email: service@tridentelectronics.co.nz

Let us see you all at the Chook House tomorrow after the game it's going to be a cracker day.

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