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Club Captain's Update

With Scotty away a lot this week over in Kinloch, expanding the Lifestyle Building empire, I’m giving him a hand and offering to write a newsletter report so that he can have a small break from what is always living and breathing Tukapa, but don’t panic Scotty will be back with his solid words of passion and wisdom for the club, but for now you’ll need to listen to ole 2 can ramble on.

Coming off a solid week of performances across the road for Dan O’Brien Day from our NZ Sparky Bs and our Hire It Hire Premiers along with a big road trip from our Speights Ultra Senior 3rds, it will be great to have 4 Tukapa teams playing at Sanders Park on what will be a huge day for our club. Our teams will be pulling on the Blue and White and hitting the pitch with passion and mana for Tukapa Ladies Day and Tukapa Sponsors Day, Scotty tells me he has over 60 ladies who have responded to the invite to Ladies Day so it will be great to have them on the side-lines showing their support to the 4 Tukapa teams, alongside this we will have many of our sponsors in the club so if you come across one shout them a beer and say thanks for supporting our club.

Tukapa Toa

Unfortunately our Tukapa Toa have had Inglewood having to default so they will have a rest this weekend but I am sure they will be on fire at ladies day,  I have had the opportunity the last few weeks to be side-line & watch our women play and whilst the scoreboard hasn’t reflected it I can tell you the passion & fun that our women’s team bring each week is infectious and they have embraced the number one rule to playing this great game and that’s go out & have some fun, I am sure that Plimms, Jase & Vicky will have our ladies primed and ready for action in their next game vs Southern and they will continue to grow from week to week. Be sure to say gidday to our Toa ladies they are a great bunch of ladies and already have become part of our club in many ways .

Tukapa Junior Rugby

To finish off I just wanted to mention our Tukapa Juniors, its great to see so many boys and girls getting into our game and playing in the Blue and White, a big shout out to Daryn Jones and his parent helpers who continue to make Tukapa Junior Rugby a solid platform for our young ones to start their playing days just like Lagen did all those years ago, I am sure in years to come others will be writing things like this about our future Tukapa Men and Women.

This Weeks Teams

Follow the link to view or download this weekends Game Day Program

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs Inglewood 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make it to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

Lagen Kumeroa 150th Game for Tukapa Premiers

This weekend sees a solid Tukapa man take to the field and play a milestone Premier game for our club, Lagen Kumeroa runs out for his 150th game for Tukapa Premiers, coming from NPBHS after playing 3 years in their 1st XV, Lagen started at Tukapa in the Premiers in 2008 with a stint in Wellington returning to Tukapa in 2015.
Lagen has been a starter since then and quite often seen finishing tries from the wing, tomorrow for his 150TH he will run out in the full-back 15 jersey.

Nicknamed Koro his background with Tukapa is vast, first started playing for Tukapa in 1998 and Lagen says “I’ve probably been ball boy for more games for Premiers than I have played for them, at away games they had turf wars where we had scraps with our club ball boys from other clubs, Paul Meuli was my first coach at Tukapa and I can’t think of a better club to be a part of.

Lagen has won 4 Premier titles with Tukapa and is hoping for another one this year, as I reflect on my time knowing Lagen he has always been a staunch Tukapa man and is very proud of his heritage and rugby prowess and brings so much into the sheds and club every week. I know that Scotty is humbled to have been part of your journey Koro as am I, and we know that the rest of our great club will be behind you on Saturday when you take to the field and join an elite few that have played so many Premier games.

Sponsorship Update

This week we profile NZ Forestry
Director Cam Eyre joined Tukapa after retiring from playing for Northland and moving here in 2014. He has coached Tukapa U85s, Div 1 & Div 2. Cam also played a few fill-in games when the team needed help.
Cam has a nephew in the under 7s & enjoys watching the afternoon games from the Deck.
NZ Forestry is a professional forest management company providing professional forest management and consulting services throughout New Zealand. Director Cam Eyre runs the western North Island operations from our New Plymouth office. We have strong local ties to the Taranaki Community, with many of our contracted Logging, Cartage, establishment & earthworks contractors embedded in the local community.

NZF is the social sponsor for the club. We provide sponsorship for food and music so the club can innovate and continue to create a positive social environment. "People, not the game are the most important thing for us. If you have a forest or are interested in forest investments get in touch with us."

Phone: (027) 526 0606
Email: cam.e@nzforestry.co.nz

Check out the profile below or visit their website: nzforestry.co.nz

Sponsorship Profile: NZ Forestry

NZ Forestry stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of specialized forest management. With a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled professionalism, personalized service, and meticulous attention to detail, NZ Forestry ensures that each client receives bespoke solutions tailored to their unique needs.
At the heart of NZ Forestry's operations lies a team of seasoned specialists equipped with the expertise to advise on every facet of forest management, from establishment to harvesting and marketing. With regional offices strategically positioned in Whangarei, New Plymouth, and Blenheim, NZ Forestry extends its professional services with localized expertise, ensuring a seamless experience for clients across diverse geographical regions.

Harvesting, Sales, and Marketing Expertise

Recognizing the individuality of each forest, NZ Forestry crafts customized harvesting and marketing strategies that align with the specific requirements of clients. Through meticulous planning and transparent communication, NZ Forestry ensures that client expectations are not only met but exceeded. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of services, including environmental compliance, engineering solutions, and active harvest management, NZ Forestry safeguards client interests while maximizing returns on forestry investments.
In addition to domestic and export log sales, NZ Forestry facilitates carbon forestry initiatives, capitalizing on opportunities within the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). By navigating the complexities of the ETS landscape, NZ Forestry assists clients in harnessing carbon credits to generate additional revenue streams or achieve carbon-neutral status, thereby enhancing the profitability and sustainability of forestry investments.

Carbon Forestry Solutions

NZ Forestry's carbon forestry services encompass a spectrum of offerings, including forest land classification, ETS registration, emissions returns, carbon planting evaluations, and carbon credit transactions. By guiding clients through the intricacies of ETS regulations and facilitating seamless compliance, NZ Forestry empowers forest owners and investors to capitalize on emerging carbon markets effectively.

Forest Engineering Excellence

Through meticulous planning, professional implementation, and astute risk management, NZ Forestry's forest engineering services mitigate liabilities and optimize returns on forest engineering investments. From harvest planning to technical analysis and road engineering, NZ Forestry's experienced team delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to maximize profitability and minimize risk for clients.

Professional Forest Management

NZ Forestry's commitment to professional forest management extends beyond operational excellence to encompass wildlife habitat preservation, species protection, and conservation initiatives. With a focus on nurturing the best tree crop possible, NZ Forestry's meticulous management strategies safeguard client investments while promoting environmental sustainability.

With a steadfast dedication to professionalism, personalized service, and environmental stewardship, NZ Forestry emerges as a trusted partner in forest management and carbon solutions. Whether navigating the complexities of forest harvesting, maximizing returns through carbon forestry, or optimizing operational efficiency through expert engineering and management, NZ Forestry remains at the forefront of delivering superior outcomes for clients nationwide.

This Weekend's Entertainment

Well that’s enough from me, be sure to get to the club for what will be an amazing day and if you feel like a boogie and a few beers into the wee hours Taranaki band “Dude Where’s My Guitar will be rocking the Chook House until it’s home time to recover from a big weekend at the best club in Taranaki

Bleeding Blue and White Always
Dan J – Club Captain



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