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Chairperson's Update

This newsletter is going to be a little different than my normal one because what will happen on Saturday is now up to the players that put those blue and white hoops on and play with pride and below is a different look at where this pride started from.

Written Thursday Night 8:29pm

I have just walked in the door from the last Thursday night training and the last Thursday night feed. Tonight we made 60 meals for the players and supporters and sold 151 Lion brown cans of beer. We did Roast beef with roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and mixed veges with gravy. People quite often say to me why do you go to all the trouble? the answer is simple, over the four years I have been Chairman I have wanted to change the way we do things at Tukapa to make it a place where every team has a beer with each other, where every player feels welcome and they know Tukapa has their back. What we have created at Tukapa is something outstanding and now we are seeing what a ONE Club attitude can produce on the field as well.

All this is not just my doing, we have a great executive that are happy to roll their sleeves up and get the job done. My first massive thank you goes out to a likable fellow that I shoulder tapped to become my Club Captain.  At the time I remember him asking me what he had to do and the answer was just be a good bastard and help build the club as one. Five years later Daniel Green has been next to me in the kitchen every Thursday night helping us achieve our goal of having a good bunch of guys that want to be at Tukapa. Daniel has become more than just my Club Captain, he has become a great mate and now BBQ comp teammate. Greenie would do anything for his club and for his mates, he is the reason we are where we are at. Thank you, my mate.

Next up is the lady that not everyone sees but does a shit tonne of work. She keeps my life on track with the club and is the reason why Tukapa is so successful with funding applications. Even now Jan is the one who has to proof my newsletter to make sure my dribble makes sense. When I was taking over as Chairman, Jan was the first person that I wanted back on our exec. I had been involved with Jan while I was managing the Prems and I know the work she did then. Jan and I do have an agreement in place about moving forward but for now Jan, I am not going anywhere. Jan Holdt, you are my rock star and we would not have this Club where it is without you.

To JDL, Dan and Rebo, all Exec members and all in charge of managing three teams, it is this link between the exec and the boys playing the game which has again built our club even stronger. These guys do not shy away from hardwork, if it’s setting up fields on a Saturday, helping behind the bar when we are busy or any other jobs I throw at them during the week, everything is always done and done properly. Thank you fellas, without you the wheels could come off.

Next up we can’t be One club without our Juniors and the man who has taken this role to a whole new level.  The passion he has for junior rugby is amazing and the work shows in now having our junior numbers climbing with over 240 junior players this year. Darryn Jones is the name we will be saying in years to come as why we have senior rugby players back at the club and that’s because he makes sure every kid has the best experience with playing rugby that they can have. The group of coaches that Darryn has put together is second to none. And the work that Ben and Darryn have done with driving new players is bang on. Cheers Darryn for all your hard work.

Now the last thank you is maybe one of the hardest roles at a club that wants to push the boundaries and try new things. I remember this person having a small meltdown in his 1st year on the exec as he was seeing how much money we were spending before the season even started. Not knowing a lot about Tukapa but keen to learn, I remember telling him not to worry - we haven’t opened the bar yet!  A few weeks later after the season had started, he said to me I see what you mean as we put another $10k weekend over the bar. Tom O’Connor has been bloody awesome and for the first time for a few years we can see not only how full the bucket is, but from where the bucket was filled from. The best Treasurer a chairman could ask for.

A few non-exec members to thank are Brian Edlin for the work he does keeping our chiller full of the good stuff.

To Bryan Boulton, we all already know that this man bleeds Blue and White, but he seems to have risen another level this year with taking over Rangi’s role from setting the fields up every Saturday to always helping in the kitchen on a Thursday night and running the deep fryer. Mate your passion for the club is outstanding.

To Ross and Kernal, you guys are our rocks who do all those un-seen jobs but I know.

To Carol, even though we have the best cleaner working at Tukapa during the week, you still find a way to make the place cleaner on a Saturday.

So today at Old Timers lunch at our sponsor’s bar, The Good Home, I had a few people say to me you do so much for the club but as you can see above its not just me. It may have been my vision, but it takes an army to bring this to where we are at now and this Saturday I will be wearing my Blue and Whites and a smile as big as can be with what we have at Tukapa, it is what every other club wished they had for their club. Well done to all our helpers and thank you to all our supporters. It is now up to the players to use the tools they have and make this Saturday one to remember in Tukapa history. Go well players - you are our reason - forever ONE CLUB TUKAPA.

I Am Tukapa

I Am Tukapa

Teams and Schedule for Tomorrow's Finals

Saturday 23rd

Free BBQ on the deck at Tukapa 11:00am - 12:20pm Tickets for sale over bar
Div 1 Players Bus leaves for NPOB11:45am
Free Supporters Bus leaves for NPOB12:30pm
Premier Players Bus leaves for NPOB12:40pm
Live Stream and Bar open at Tukapa 2:00pm onwards
Supporters and Div. 1 Bus returns from NPOB4:30 pm
Premier Bus returns from NPOB5:30pm
Win or Lose we party at the ChookHouse5:30pm onwards

Live Stream Schedule                       

Final Youtube ChannelTime Teams
Division 1 FinalTRFU 313:00NP HSOB Rugby Football & Sports Club vs Tukapa Rugby & Sports Club
Premier BuildupTRFU 114:35Clifton Rugby & Sports Club vs Tukapa Rugby & Sports Club
Premier FinalTRFU 114:45Clifton Rugby & Sports Club vs Tukapa Rugby & Sports Club

Your chairman Scotty Siffleet, Blue and White for Life  

** While proofing this, I’m grabbing the opportunity to respond from everyone in the club … a HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU SCOTT, you are a true leader and champion of our Club.  Thank you, and importantly your family for their support, to do what you do for Tukapa.**



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