Chooks News 6 May 2022

Chairpersons Update

WE ARE HERE … only 24 hours to go until we kick-off for the 2022 season of CMK club rugby. Our Squads have all been training hard and we have a really great bunch of lads. This year we have gone with the saying of #ONECLUB and we are living by that by being a close group of members no matter if you are a Senior player, Junior player or supporter - we want you all to feel welcome. If there is someone in the club you don’t know, be sure to introduce yourself and shake their hand, so by the end of the season, we all know each other.

One thing you will notice and may have read online, is we are very short of referees this year so Tukapa is rolling out some Tukapa referees to help with the shortage. If you are keen to be involved please let me know. Also on the point of referees, we as a club, need to be better with our sideline behaviour. Referees do get the calls wrong or don’t always see things, just the same as you do in your job from time to time, so if this happens yelling at them is not going to help and it just means there is a chance we lose another referee from our game. You will see all our coaches and management will be staying on their benches and will not be approaching referees so please do the same. If you feel like yelling abuse, you are not welcome to stay.

This Weeks Games

This weekend we have our Gardiner Plumbing Colts & NZ Sparky Division 1 kicking off at Vogeltown Park at 1pm followed by our Egmont Seeds Premiers at 2.45pm. Our Lion Brown Senior 3rds are at Corbett Park against Kaitake at 1pm. Please get out and support all our teams.

Tukapa Clubrooms will be open from 2pm with the live stream playing and will stay open until 11.30pm so be sure to come see us at home … we miss you.

This Season Format

With this season working a little different, here is a brief rundown of the 1st three rounds. There are two pools with Spotswood United, Coastal, and NPOB in ours - we play them in Premiers, Division 1, and Colts, and per game you get 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss. If you default you get 0. All the points go on one points table so if we win the three games against NPOB we pick up 9 points or if we lose all three we get 3 points.
The club with the most points after three rounds wins the pool and $1,000 for the club. If we have the most points overall out of both pools the club wins another $3,000 and the rights to host club finals.
Following these three weeks, points are zeroed then all teams play one full round in their own competitions for the silverware. Also, we have decided to play for all the club vs club silverware in this round as well.

Division 2 will play one full round across all teams, then semi-finals and finals.

We have a few nights planned for after-game activities and will give more information in the weeks to come. There will be a return of Crab Racing this year as well as a few other nights.

We have all but filled our sponsorship spots and over the coming week, we will be publishing our sponsors so you can all support them. We do have a couple of 1st 15 spots open if you are keen to jump on board at $800+gst a year for 3 years. If you are keen I will come and pay you a visit and have a chat.

Also, our Corporate box is available for some home games at $700 a game which includes a full fridge and food at halftime. If you are keen also get in contact with me.

Sorry for the lack of newsletters over the past few months, we will now be bringing you all the news each Friday with our weekly newsletter and team announcements. See you on the sidelines.

Your Chairperson Scott Siffleet. Blue and White for life



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