Salty Dog Division 2 (3rds)

Following a below average season in 2015, the Senior Thirds made it through to the semi-finals after overcoming a poor start to the season in which they lost more games that they won in the first phase of their competition.
The mid-season improvement by the Thirds was attributable mainly to the return of some seasoned players and the arrival of some new faces, all of whom started to gel better as a team as the season wore on. In their semi-final against Coastal at Okato, the Thirds were in the hunt right up till the end of the match, eventually being pipped by the hosts 14-18.

Fixtures & Results

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Glory Days - Senior 3rds Championship Winners 2009


Adrian Knowles
Rowan Mortensen
Brad Fale
Sheldon Goodin
Aaron Tipene
Cody Chard
Herepete Robertson
Grant Fleming
Allen McLachlan
Mitchell Green
Sam Gerrand
Lewis Green


Jarrod Werder
Slade Walker
Paul O’Byrne
Hayden Pratt
Rohan Singh
Anthony Day
Shane Williams
Levi McPhee
Kale Mullin
Sam Keat
Malcolm Walker

Coach: Daniel Sinclair
Manager: Adrian Knowles
Captain: Jack Fleming