Egmont Seeds Premiers (A’s)

At the end of the 2017 ‘Round Robin’ Premier Competition, Tukapa had won top spot of the ‘top four’, thus earning the right to play Spotswood United in the Semi Final. The game was an even contest with Tukapa edging into the lead a few minutes from full time, through a successful penalty kick to win: 16 points to 15. And so to the Final:

Having been beaten twice by Coastal during 2017 round robin games, the scene was set for our Premier Team (Senior A) to have a last crack at beating Coastal in the Final. After a sustained period on attack inside the Coastal 22 meter mark at the closing stages of the game, finally Tukapa scored and kicked the Goal to win 17 points to 14.
The resolute defence that Coastal had shown in previous games continued into the Final, and it took Tukapa 89 minutes to finally crack it.
For the statistically-minded the 2017 title win by the Premiers now means that:

  • Tukapa has won 16 Senior A (Premier) titles since 1892
  • Tukapa have now won the Senior A title six times in sixteen seasons (2001-2017)
  • Tukapa have won ‘back to back’ Championship Titles three times: 1968 & 1969; 2010 & 2011; and 2016 & 2017.
  • Jack Cameron becomes the only Tukapa player to be a member of 5 Senior A championship winning teams.
  • The Senior A title this year means Tukapa has now won a total of 71 afternoon grade championships since 1892.

Fixtures & Results

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Tukapa's Special Jubilee Jersey.

2017 Squad

Luke Dravitski
Ben Siffleet
Scott Mellow
Devron Phillips
Brendon Dent
Leighton Price
Steven Needham
Louis Duffels Des Forges
Drew Whitehead
Adrian Wyrill
Scott Crocker
Shem Setu
Codie Grayling
Mitchell Crosswell

Daniel Bernet
Jack Cameron
Jayson Potroz
Jade Grayling
Pomare Samupo
Ryan Bishop
Isaia Tuifua
Henry Miles
Liam Ward
Jimi Webley
Brook Gray

Coach: Tim Stuck
Coach: Laurence Corlett
Manager: Scott Siffleet
Hydrationist: Rangi Komene
Physio: Emma Salmon

Blazer Awards
Recipients of a Tukapa 50 Match Blazer. (Since 2014)
– Pomare Samupo (93 games)
– Lagen Kumeroa (73)
– Adrian Wyrill (71)
– Alec Dravitski (70)
– Leighton Price (66)
– Jack Cameron (200)
– Ryan Bishop (55)
– Scott Siffleet  (53) as Manager
– Tim Stuck (53)  as Coach

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