2020 Egmont Seeds
Tukapa Premier Team

Also known as the Senior A’s, this side is our flagship team and the one most of our 300 juniors aspire to play for one day.

Since the club started in 1892, our Premiers have won 16 Taranaki championship titles, produced 13 All Blacks, 7 NZ Juniors/Colts, 10 Super Rugby Players and 166 Taranaki Bulls reps plus 8 Maori All Blacks and 11 North Island players. So for those serious about their rugby, the Tukapa Premiers is the side which can establish you as someone with the potential to achieve higher honours and/or to win a prestigious club championship. Our Prems train as a team twice a week but with an expectation that team members will also work on individual programs to enhance their fitness and positional skills.

Front Rowers

_0015_Brandon Dent

Brendon Dent

_0035_Jackson Clarke

Jackson Clarke

_0039_Liam Bernet

Liam Bernet

_0000_Mairenga Laapo

Mairenga Laapo

_0012_Scott Mellow

Scott Mellow

_0007_Shaye Hill

Shaye Hill


_0004_Corbin Porteous

Corbin Porteous

_0010_Leighton Price

Leighton Price

_0031_Michael Nyssen

Mike Nyssen

Loose Forwards


Christopher Jollands

_0002_Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins

_0009_Mitchell Crosswell

Mitchell Crosswell

_0017_Nathaniel Peters

Nathianel Peters

_0021_Paddy Ford

Paddy Ford

Inside Backs

_0005_Ethan Seed

Ethan Seed

_0025_Jayson Potroz

Jayson Potroz

_0008_Luka Walker

Luka Walker

_0011_Daniel Bernet

Daniel Bernet

Mid field Backs

_0027_Henry Miles

Henry Miles

_0014_Lukas Hall

Lukas Halls

_0016_Mason Porteous

Mason Porteous

_0028_Pomare Samupo

Pomare Samupo

Outside Backs

_0034_Brendon Ward

Brendon White

_0026_Eli Kneepkins

Eli Kneepkens

_0018_Issac Kneepkins

Isaac Kneepkens


Jacob Kneepkens

_0024_Lagen Kumeroa

Lagen Kumera

_0006_Luke Taplin

Luke Taplin

_0003_Santana Marshall

Santana Marshall

Tukapa Management team

Ben Siffleet


027 306 1496

Daryl Lilly


021 143 9805

Dan Johanson


021 45 4685

Nick Watson

Assistant Manger

Rangi Komene


Nicola Milby