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Chairpersons Update

This week I will hand over to Dan to give us a update with his Club captains report, Tukapa is in a great space and we are heading where we want to go both on the field and off the field. So a massive thank you goes out to everyone that has jumped on my dream and made this happen, the list of people is massive but thank you all.

Club Captains Report:

Well another week of code is done & dusted at the Chookhouse, and it’s getting closer to the end of a season which is feeling like it has only just begun, now the real excitement and hard work comes into play for our squads and I know talking to their coaches/managers/players they are all putting in the hard yards right until the end.

Whilst the weather wasn’t that favourable on Saturday at Sanders Park there were some tough fought battles on the grounds with good solid supporters both sideline, on the deck and inside keeping warm and toasty with a cold ale or two. All our squads need all the support they can get leading into the final weeks so be sure to pull on your supporter’s gear and get to the games or if you can’t make it stop by and see Gav in the bar who will have the Premier live stream going along with cold beer and good yarns

Round 11 will see lots of excitement I am sure with 3 of our men’s teams heading out to Tikorangi to face Clifton along with our Toa hitting the road to face Inglewood at TET Stadium, and we cannot forget our Speights Ultra Senior 3rds who will hold down the fort at Sanders Park when they face Patea.

With so many great volunteers across our club in many different roles who make things tick along, I thought I’d fire some questions at Renee Emett who some of you will know and some of you may not know, so it’s a great chance to shine the spotlight on someone in our club that is doing a great job in her role as NZ Sparky Bs Team Manager, Renee first and foremost is a proud supporter of Tukapa along with supporting her partner Premier front rower Brendon Dent.

Are you enjoying your role as Manager for Tukapa Bs –

“100% definitely, it is definitely challenging and there is more involved to the role than what people imagine. I enjoy giving back to the club and being involved. The team is a great bunch of lads, who are very respectful and welcoming to a female manager”

Why Tukapa & what does Tukapa mean to you –

“Tukapa has been a big part of the last 6 years for me, you could say I didn’t really choose Tukapa it chose me as Brendon was playing here when I met him. I did play netball for a few years before though so the blue and white hoops have always been a draw card for me Tukapa to me is more than just a ‘sports club’ it’s a place that anyone can go and feel like someone has got you. It’s a place and environment that provokes a feeling of great pride to be apart of, creates a sense of fulfilment and happiness”

If you were to play rugby what position would you play & why –

”I feel like I’d be a hooker, I’m short and have a lot of passion”

If you could sum up Tukapa in 3 words what would they be

“Family, Spirit, Respect”

We have many great volunteers in our club that do many things to keep us ticking along and its always great to see everyone pitching in where they feel they need to or just do it for the love of the club, if you are reading this and feel like you want to chip in helping at the club, getting involved on the committee, or just being a general hand come and have a yarn with myself or Scott as we are always on the look out for help any way it comes as many hands make light work, our club as we all know is a family, that’s how we roll

Just on that note and I know that we all know what a huge role Scott plays in the steering of the club and just making shit happen, I wanted to share with you the work that Scott has put in over the last few weeks for the squad after training feeds, we have always had a roster in place for the squads to cook a feed over the season however there’s been a few times the last few weeks where Scott has thrown the roster to the wind and cooked something special for the lads & ladies himself with a few pair of extra helpers,  I know many of them look forward to dinners when they know Scott has cooked a feed.  Whilst we all know Scott as very humble and would give the club his blood which I am dam sure is Blue & White at any time it’s good to shout out to our leader from time to time, many see the big things however there is a heap of things that just happen behind the scenes so from the players, coaches & managers Cheers Scotty.

This Saturday sees our Tukapa Netball ladies are hosting their 90s party so if you are in the mood for a good ole night at the chook house swing by sounds like the netballers have a great night planned.

Well that’s a wrap from me for now as always the club is always there don’t be shy drop by for a cold one a Friday avro with the old fellas, join darts on a Monday night, drop in for a after training feed on a Thursday or just come hang out on game day at the Chook House, where everyone knows your name the beer is always cold.

Forever Blue & White 

Dan J – Club Captain

LivestreamTukapa Premier vs Clifton 2:45pm, Pre-game buildup 2:35pm

Those few who can't make to the game this weekend can watch the Livestream on our Tukapa Rugby Facebook page.

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