Chooks News 7 October 2021

Chairpersons Update

Lighting project update

Stage one "lighting up field number two" is complete, we have flicked the switch and these lights are great. They light up all of field two and half of field one. I am very happy with the result on field two and when we have the funds we will go for the same setup on field one and three.

We will now push on with Stage two, which is to finish the install of 4 new poles (already purchased) and control boxes for Field one. On top of the four new poles, we will be installing lights that we have sourced from the TRC which came from Yarrows Stadium. These lights are still in really good condition and will do a great job until we can afford Led lights for field one. All the work carried out with the poles and cables can be used for the new setup down the track.

Part of stage two is to under bore from the clubhouse to the 1st pole on all three fields so we have more control and even power to all lights. We have set the date 1 Feb 2022 to have this work complete. We are also talking with engineers regarding the location of the poles on field three, we are taking counsel on the bank on the side of the field and also what could be buried below the surface of field 3. Our first meeting with the Council will be to request the removal of some of the trees to make room for the new light poles and then analyse the subsurface of the ground.

We are fortunate that we have so many good people and companies involved with Tukapa, without them we would not be as far through our lighting project as we are to date.

Tukapa Lighting Project Sponsors

Xmas functions and bookings at Tukapa

Remember guys, our club is there to be used and the more the club is used will benefit us as a club with more funds. If you are keen to host your work function or any other party, drop me a line or give me a call, oh we can also now sort catering as well. More details on https://www.tukapa.co.nz/venue/

Summer Touch Series

We are again running our social series from 27 October to 2 February for our Mixed Social touch and this year we have added a Rippa Rugby grade. See the link to the rules and link to enter your teams below:

NZ Forests Tukapa Bantams Under 85kg

WOW these games have been great to watch and have really shown some skills and great running rugby. Our Bantams are still alive in the National Under 85kg knock competition but this has turned into more of a Hunger Games now with Covid, and will be the last team standing or able to play. They have now removed the Auckland teams which means the Bantams are down to the final 5 teams by the weekend. Our game in Hamilton has moved one week to 16th October at this stage, still in Hamilton. I will keep you updated on Facebook if there are any more changes.


Keep an eye on the paper but here is our AGM notice for this year.

Tukapa Rugby & Sports Club (Inc)
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Thursday 11 November 2021 at 7.00pm
In the Tukapa Clubrooms, Sanders Park
All Welcome

Order of Business

  • Chairman's Report
  • Financial Report
  • Election of Officers
  • Life Membership Nomination
  • General Business


Once we get to level one we have a memorial planned at Tukapa to celebrate the life of our Legend. As Rangi would have wanted, there will be a Hangi, a band and 440ml cans so be sure to keep an eye out once we hit level 1 (one day soon).

A massive thank you to the guys that have helped to clear out Rangi’s flat and other jobs while I am out of action with shoulder surgery. Cheers Fellas


We have again lost our cleaner to fulltime work so are on the look out for another one. It involves:

  • checking the clubhouse and toilets during the off season and cleaning what is need once a week (around 1 hour a week)
  • during season it needs to be cleaned though out once a week including toilets, full vacuum and mop, Kitchen and wipe all tables (6 hours a week)

Also from time to time there will be functions that we need to clean before and after them.

For more information get a hold of me


At this stage, we are calling for the interest of coaches for our Division one team or Snr B’s as they are known. Ideally keen to pick from an ex Tukapa player or coach of Juniors but would like to hear from anyone that is keen, this job is voluntary but will be a stepping stone possibly leading to coaching our Premiers in coming years. Our Premiers work very closely with our Division one team so you will get a lot of support from the Premier coaching team. This role would suit an up-and-coming coach or someone who is keen to take the next step. If you are interested we can meet for a coffee and discuss.

Sponsor opportunity

We are in the process of ordering new jerseys for all our teams. This gives the opportunity for company logos to be placed on team gear for the next 3 years. The gear needs to be ordered in early November so if you are looking for a very visual sponsorship opportunity drop me a line or give me a call.

Your Chairperson Scott Siffleet Blue and White for Life - "Oh That Chicken"



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